Fremont Strasser

The four Strasser covers were mistakenly processed as special delivery covers at 1 pm. The error was caught and the newly applied special delivery handstamps on the covers were crossed out. The covers were then set aside to be correctly processed as registered covers with other covers requiring that action. These covers were processed at 3 pm. The Strasser covers were among the last covers to receive their registration (registry nos. 1244-1247) at that time.

Each of the four covers has a 1-cent Pilgrim Tercentenary stamp (Scott 548) added to meet the 12 cent fee required for a first class registered letter.

The 44058 on the above cover is the Cleveland Post Office receiving registry number. The other registration numbers are as follows:

Cover Fremont Cleveland
1 1244 44058
2 1245 44059
3 1246 44060
4 1247 44061

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