Alice Matter’s FDCs



Alice Matter, wife of Cincinnati stamp dealer Alfonso Matter, is believed to have made ten Fremont FDCs, of which six are known to still exist. The registration numbers on the covers applied by the Fremont and Cincinnati Post Offices are the key to the number of her covers.

Number Addressee Fremont Cincinnati
1 Mrs. Rosa Storck 1210 50849
2   1211  
3   1212  
4   1213  
5 Mrs. A. C. Matter 1214 50845
6 Mrs. Allice Matter 1215 50844
7   1216  
8 Mrs. Alice Matter 1217 50841
9 Mrs. Rosa Storck 1218 50842
10 Mrs. Alice Matter 1219 50840

It is easy to imagine the ten covers receiving their registration numbers in Fremont; the covers being stacked as each was processed and then banded together with the last processed cover on top. When the Cincinnati Post Office applied their numbers, they started with the top cover in the banded stack. There is a slight gilch with covers 8 and 9. Those covers undoubtively got interchanged somehow in the processing.

According to census records, Rosa Storck was Alice Matter’s mother.


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