First Registered FDC

A cover that only a mother or specialist could love

This registered cover, with registry number 1206, was processed more than three hours before the bulk of the requested registered FDCs were processed at 3 pm. This leads me to believe that someone personally submitted it to the Fremont Post Office. The size of the cover indicates that it could have contained a substantial quantity of stamps. One press release states that the Michigan Stamp Club, of which Boers was a member, split up a pane (100 stamps) among themselves at their next meeting. Maybe it contained a First Day program or other such momento of the day. An associate ventures the thought that it may have contained hand-back FDCs (unaddressed?). Who really know?

What is known is that the cover is in bad shape. The lost of the upper left hand corner of the cover can be explained by the following. When Boers mounted a number of his early FDCs (not all) on some backing for display, he applied some sort of adhesive to the four corners of the covers. This cover as well as other of his covers show remnants. Unfortunately for this cover, it lost a corner upon removal from the backing. This cover also had dabs of the adhesive on the middle center and bottom center of the envelope. The extra effort to pull away from these points may have contributed to some vertical tears, up to one inch long, on the cover. A fold two inches in from the left side of the cover was possibly caused by someone trying to hide the corner damage.

Even though the condition of this cover is appalling, it does aid us in estimating the number of registered covers that were created on October 4, 1922 at Fremont. The last known registered cover for the day has registry number 1251. The difference in the two registry numbers indicates 46 items, the overwhelming majority being FDCs, were registered.

The handwriting is believed to be that of Karl Koslowski because of the single crossing of the “t”s in Detroit.

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